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From design to house completion









From design to house completion requires multi-party consultation and cooperation.

Decoration case:

Draw design drawings → confirm with Gongwu shop several times on site→ Finalize the construction period → Dismantle the house→ Decorate the house→ Arranging the interior→The house is completed

New house case:

Purchase land → land survey → draw design drawings → submit building confirmation to the municipal government → build a house → intermediate inspection → final qualification inspection → hand over the house

In addition to the above procedures, Kyoto City has established many regulations in order to protect the integrity of the city, and the Japanese attach great importance to neighbor relations and on-site maintenance during construction. Before starting construction, it is necessary to communicate with neighbors to avoid conflicts later. Professional knowledge and rich experience can make the whole process of building a house smooth. The following is our usual construction site.

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