Renting process

​ For new friends who have just arrived in Japan, the unfamiliar rental methods and cumbersome procedures are really daunting. Our company specializes in providing international students and new friends working and holidaying with a convenient and secure rental service! Whether it is a share house or a single apartment, there are plenty of housing for you to choose from!
The most important thing is! No guarantor required! No guarantee company!
​The necessary furniture, home appliances, and the spiritual food of modern people have been prepared in the room. There is no flow restriction Wi-Fi, and it is easy to move in!

​House rental process (overseas reservation)


Online consultation

Pay the deposit

​Contract on site to pay the balance

Delivery key

​Renting Process (Booking in Japan)


Online consultation

On-site inspection

Pay the deposit

Sign the contract to pay the balance

Delivery key

Friends who have done their homework may find out why the prices displayed on major rental websites in Japan are so cheap? There are three main reasons:

1. Most of the rental houses in Japan are vacant rentals (not including internet)

2. The common shortest contract for renting a house in Japan is 2 years, and the company provides the shortest contract for 3 months! The higher cost of short-term rentals will also be partly reflected in the rent.

3. Japanese renters usually need to attach a guarantor or join a guarantor agency. Joining a guarantor agency will require a one-time joining fee and an annual renewal fee. (The cost varies according to the rent)

Here we show you a detailed calculation of common furniture and household appliances needed for life:

Trial calculation of furniture and electrical appliances
(Take a 1-year contract for a single suite as an example)

Bed: ¥30,000
Tables and chairs: ¥10
Refrigerator: ¥30,000
Vacuum cleaner: ¥3,000
Microwave oven: ¥6,000
Electric pot: ¥5,000
Kettle: ¥2,000

Hair dryer: ¥2,000
Curtain: ¥3,000

Bowl & tableware & knives: ¥4,000
: ¥8,000

Shower curtain & bathroom floor mat: ¥1,500

​Monthly Internet Fee: ¥5,000
Miscellaneous: ¥20,000

The total is about ¥130,000

¥130,000/12 months≒ ¥11,000/month
If you deduct the monthly rent provided by the company for ¥11,000 and short-term rental costs, the guarantor agency's joining fees, etc., you can find that the rent provided by the company can definitely stand the test of the market!


​Check in

Do you think that everything is okay if you get the key? Then there are the name change and online application that even Japanese people find troublesome! The name change is simply to change the name of water, electricity, and gas to your name and account. The order can be sent to you smoothly. But! Our company eliminates these complicated procedures for you. Instead, the basic utility bill is included in the monthly common benefit fee . If there is any excess, the bill received from the utility company will be passed to you. And inform the excess amount, and then pay it together when you pay the rent every month!
The common benefit is a concept unique to Japan. It means to add up the monthly fixed expenses other than the rent. The actual items included will be slightly different for each company. Please carefully confirm the items included when signing the contract.

For online applications, you need to choose from a variety of special offers, which is also quite a headache for new friends who have just arrived in Japan. In addition, after successful application, it will take 2 to 3 weeks (apartment) to actually use it, and it can take 1 to 2 months (single-family). All the items provided by our company are ready for your internet, and you can use them immediately after check-in!