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We are a legal real estate company established in 2011 and located in Kyoto.


Our service content

Kyoto real estate investment, sales, rental management, homestay management, and house decoration, new construction, renovation and other construction projects, rental business for foreign students, visa application for foreign investment immigrants, etc.

If you want to buy real estate, invest, operate a homestay, own your own villa or small suite, and have the dream of a Japanese investment and business visa in Kyoto, but you don’t know where to start?

Please rest assured that we have professional knowledge, rich experience, and legal judicial scriveners and administrative scriveners to help you understand the entire application process and costs in detail.

If you want to study in Kyoto, but you are afraid of the language barrier, or worried about not knowing the renting procedure?

Please rest assured that since 2011, in order to provide foreigners with a safe and comfortable living environment, we have been committed to providing a full range of rental services in Chinese, English, and Japanese.


​ If you have the above requirements, ​ welcome to inquire!


How to immigrate to Japan by buying a house?

Simply speaking, the investment immigrant visa is to obtain the right of residence in Japan by setting up a company by yourself. Compared with other types of medium and long-term visas (ex. student visa, work visa, etc.), the application process for the investment immigrant visa is relatively simple. Our company has many cases of assisting applications, and also has long-term cooperative administrative scriveners and judicial scriveners, who can provide you with complete and secure services.


Kyoto  Real Estate Investment

★Own your own house in the thousand-year-old capital★

Do you want to own a villa, homestay or investment property in Kyoto?

The housing prices in your hometown are too expensive, so you can't reach your goal of buying a house for a long time?

The land price and house price in Kyoto are much cheaper than most people imagine. Building or buying a house is no longer just a dream.​You can not only own your own real estate in this ancient capital, but also do homestay or rent it out Waiting for the investment!

Whether it is self-occupation, new construction after purchasing land, remodeling of old houses, operating homestays, managing apartment rentals, etc., we will provide one-stop services.

​ Find suitable housing sources according to your conditions, or manage the house, and provide monthly reports. Even in unfamiliar overseas countries, you can have honest and real service quality.


Rental house in Kyoto city for foreigners

 Finding a house with good conditions and environments is the most important thing when living abroad. However, for students who have been to Japan for the first time, it would be different for them to find the residence easily without knowing the terms and conditions of house renting in Kyoto. GCC provides the house rental service for both short and long terms. Reservations can be made from Japan or abroad.

 GCC provides various types of houses:  apartment or detached house.

We have taken hosts of students and people coming from over 20 countries.

 Please feel free to contact us for further information!

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