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Raku Tei


【珞庭】 is located in a quiet residential area. The modern buildings also have Western-style and Japanese-style rooms. You can choose the room according to your  preference. The maximum capacity is 9 people, which is very suitable for two small families or a place for family and friends to travel. It only takes 8 minutes to walk to Kyoto Station. After arriving in Kyoto, you can put down your luggage and travel around Kyoto lightly.


Japanese room

Capacity: 3 people

Japanese yard: even on the second floor, you can enjoy the scenery of the Japanese-style courtyard.

Vanity: The afterglow coming in through the washi window allows you to dress up in the most natural sunlight and prepare for the next fulfilling trip to Kyoto.

Western room

Capacity: 2 people

Western-style double bed: If you are not used to sleeping on the floor, you can enjoy a good sleep here.

​Chat area: Do you want to share today's process or discuss the itinerary for tomorrow  before going to bed? Here you can relax and chat with relatives and friends.


​Dining room & living room

Bar-style restaurant: Different from ordinary kitchens, you can chat with the cooks while waiting for food.

Floor heating: It can effectively reduce the dry feeling caused by turning on the air conditioner.



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