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Bungetsu House

Located in a quiet residential area, the small and exquisite space includes kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, toilet and other equipment. The two bedrooms on the second floor are all tatami mats, which is very convenient for families with children.
The maximum capacity is 4 people, which is very suitable for a small family or a place where relatives and friends travel.

It only takes about 14 minutes to walk to the sightseeing spot "Tofuku-ji Temple", and about 15 minutes to reach Kyoto Station!


Living room

As soon as you enter the door, it is a small living room

Stop here with a cup of tea on arrival
​ Come back from traveling at night and have dinner together, watch TV and chat~

Different from ordinary high dining tables and chairs, it is very convenient for children to eat

Tatami room 1

Capacity: 3 people

Fall asleep to tranquil Kyoto nights with bamboo Japanese room night lights


Tatami room 2

Capacity: 1 person

If you want to have your own separate space, you can choose this single room

Although the space is small, there are large windows in the room, with good ventilation and lighting! Don't be afraid of feeling oppressed.



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