Investor & Immigrant Visa

1. Looking for a domestic partner or agent of the company (administrative scrivener, etc.)

2. Seal and notarization (make the important company's fixed price, the company seal, the seal must be in the size specified by Japan)

3. Determine the company name, location, directors, and prepare capital contributions (the amount of capital contributed by the promoters of the establishment of a company in Japan cannot be less than 5 million yen)

4. Company location: First, sign a contract with real estate that can be used as an office place in the name of an individual. After the establishment of the company, it will change from an individual contract to a company contract (preparation of office information (photos), etc.)

5. After drawing up the company's business content plan, send it to the Japan Immigration Bureau to issue a 4-month visa to come to Japan. (Partners can omit this step.)

6. Remit funds from your home country to your Japanese partner (agent) or your own account

7. After coming to Japan, decide your own address, apply for bank account/seal registration form, etc. 

8. The name of the leased office space for the registration application company establishment is changed to the company (not necessary)

9. Submit a report on the establishment of a legal person and a firm to the tax bureau and government agencies and submit an application for certification of status of residence to the Immigration Bureau where the company is located 

10. Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility for Residence