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About GCC


・Property Investment/ Operation/ Management/ Agency

・Management of B&B Business

・Design and Renovation/ Construction Project

・House Rental Service for Foreigners

・Applying Investor Visa and Immigrant Visa for Foreigners


Established in 2011, GCC aims to provide comfort and a secure life for international students and foreigners in Japan.

We provide a full range of rental services in Chinese, English, and Japanese. In addition, GCC also provides the service of property investment. Based on the needs of our clients, we provide the offers and services that are best suited to you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries!


Kyoto rental house

  Finding a house with good conditions and environments is the most important thing when living abroad. However, for students who have been to Japan for the first time, it would be different for them to find the residence easily without knowing the terms and conditions of house renting in Kyoto. GCC provides the house rental service for both short and long terms. Reservations can be made from Japan or abroad.

  GCC provides various types of houses: single suite, family suite, share house etc. We have taken hosts of students and people coming from over 20 countries.

  Please feel free to contact us for further information!


Real Estate Investment in Kyoto


  Owning a property in a city with thousand years of history.

Can’t get a home at your hometown because of the cost?

In Kyoto, the price of the real property and land are lower than you imagine. Build a house or buy a property will no longer a dream in this city. Not only have a property of your own, you can also turn the property into hostel or rental.


  We will provide you all type of services to meet your needs which include but not limited to move-in, build a new property, renovation, hostile management, and rental management.

  We find you the property that meets your preference, manage the property for you and provide you monthly report of the property. With our service, it’s fine for you to invest a property even though you do not familiar with the area.


Guest house Management


 We provide one-stop service which include purchase property, renovation, retain a license, advertisement, manage the guest house, and report the monthly revenue.

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 Investor Visa and Immigrant Visa for   Foreigners

  "How to immigrate to Japan by buying a house?"

 You can purchase a real estate even if you have never been to Japan, you are not in Japan, or if you do not own a Japanese property!

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