​ Do you want to invest in Japan but worry about not understanding the process? Our company lists the purchase process, various cost details and common problems in detail. So that you can easily understand the relevant information, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Flow chart of buying a house in Japan


1. Consultation and information collection

According to your budget, area, layout, location and other conditions, we will find suitable objects for you


2. On-site appreciation

Chinese professional staff accompanied to the scene to understand the housing conditions and surrounding environment.

​Can take pictures, video or video viewing!


3. Submit the purchase application

After confirming the purchase, you need to fill in the purchase application form and negotiate the price through the seller's agency
※Need to prepare a seal


4. Sign and pay

After the two parties have reached a consensus on the price, the purchase contract will be signed, and 10% of the total price must be paid on the day of signing as a deposit. ※Seal, passport and ID card are required


5. Pay the balance and hand over the house

According to the notarization of the buyers submitted by each country, after the judicial scrivener confirms the certificate of right, the balance payment is paid and the house is delivered. After the receipt of the payment is confirmed, the judicial scrivener will proceed with the procedure for the transfer of property rights.


6. Check in or rent out

Houses for self-use can be moved in at any time. You can also entrust us with management, decoration, leasing, resale and other services.

Breakdown of the cost of buying a house in Japan

1. Stamp duty
2. Fixed asset tax
3. Real estate acquisition tax

(Receive tax payment notice within half a year after purchase)
4. Real estate registration fee
5. Agency fees

6. Fire and earthquake insurance (optional)
※According to Japanese laws and regulations, the standard of service fee for middle-aged houses is: each buyer and seller is the transaction price*3% + 60,000 yen (plus 10% consumption tax); but there are other regulations when the real estate price is less than 4 million yen

Pay when you sign a transaction

Annual cost after purchase

Fixed asset tax:

①House tax
②Land Tax

Monthly cost after purchase

1. Management fee and repair fund (apartment)
2. Township fee (one-household construction)
3. Management company escrow fee (5% of rent)

Trial calculation

Take the purchase of a villa for 30 million yen as an example:
Agency fee is about 1.056 million yen. Token & real estate registration fee is about 150,000 yen. Annual housing tax is about 80,000 yen. The escrow fee of the management company is 5% of the rent.

Common Q&A

1. What are the benefits of buying a house in Japan?

House prices in Japan are much lower than those in first-tier cities in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and the purchase burden is relatively small. It is a good choice to increase passive income!

2. Can I buy a house if I don't speak Japanese?

Our professional Chinese staff will accompany the translator and give you the most suitable advice from looking for a house to completing the purchase contract.

3. What do I need to prepare in advance to buy a house?

Taiwan: household registration transcript and Japanese translation, seal, passport, national ID card.
China: Notarization and Japanese translation, seal, passport, national ID card.
Hong Kong: Declaration and Japanese translation, seal, passport, national ID card.



5.Are there any restrictions on buying properties in Japan?

Japan has a registration system for buying a house. After the purchase, the property will be registered under your name, and the tax payment is the same as that of a Japanese, but if you rent it out, you must declare and pay the tax to the Japan Internal Revenue Service. (The National Taxation Bureau of the original nationality will not double taxation)

6. Can I obtain the right of abode by buying a house?

At present, Japan does not open similar residence visas. Long-term visas can be considered for work visas and investment business visas. Our company has the service of assisting in applying for investment business visas. If you are interested, please inquire!

7. Will the tax on the purchase of the second building increase?

No, the tax is the same no matter how many buildings are purchased.

8.Can it be purchased under the name of the company?

Yes, the income tax for purchases in the name of a company is lower than that of purchases in the name of an individual.
※Long-term continuous purchasers are recommended to purchase in the name of a legal person (a legal person company established in Japan)

9. What is the counter-offer space for buying a Japanese house?

The housing market in Japan is transparent, and the price is usually only 10% of the space.

​Take Osaka Mega Bank as an example

Minimum transaction amount: ¥20 million Loan ratio: Approximately 70% Purpose of loan: Unlimited Loan term: 15 years for investment, 20 years for residence Loan interest rate: Approx. 275% Repayment currency: Japanese currency Notes:
1. I need to open an account at Mega Bank Osaka
2. The review period is approximately one week
3. The IRS tax return for the past 3 years is required

4. No early repayment within 5 years

5. The age of the purchased house will affect the review

※The above information is all reference data, and the detailed situation still depends on the situation of the case review

9. What is the counter-offer space for buying a Japanese house?

The housing market in Japan is transparent, and the price is usually only 10% of the space.